So my wife mounted these moose horns for my Christmas present, complete with a Zaco's Tacos plaque and my friend Chris found a Pittsburgh Steelers wrestling mask (and got me the autographed stick years ago) to combine for the wall decorations I've always dreamed of.


The Coolest Neighbors Ever

When we were looking at the location for Zaco's Tacos the house really looked like a lot of work, but we reasoned that even if it sucked, we would have the coolest neighbors on the island.  Little did we know how cool they were.  Living next door to them for the last year has been like living next door to the funnest party you could imagine.  They are awesome.  And I love their Christmas tree.


And there was probably a Drunky or two in the mix as well.   In the last 6  months (our first six months) a lot of stuff has been going on, most of it good.  *cue generic montage music*  We sloshed through some storms, lost a couple friends (R.I.P. Gus and Bob-O), made some new friends, learned to make kimchi, got sunburned, took a vacation and hopefully made some folks full and happy.  

Oh, and we finally got our liquor license 3 weeks ago.  Yes, it almost took us longer to get our liquor license than it did to build the place, but we are finally street legal.

Our First Day!

We had an amazing first day open.  We couldn't have done it without the support of our family and friends, both nearby and far away.  Give yourselves a great big hug.  You guys are awesome.  Thanks for the love.



After months of renovating, permit hoop jumping, etc.  it looks like we are going to be open this Friday, April 22nd (formally known as Good Friday).  Just put in my first food order and I've got to say it was pretty exciting.  I can't wait to get in the kitchen.

Coffee is served!

We brewed up some much needed coffe at the new place, thanks to Pam and Chuck.  We also got our Use Permit, but the electric guy was off island so hopefully tomorrow. Barring any unforeseen weirdness we should be open in a week or two.  Just in time for Semana Santa.

Getting Closer

Today we submitted all our stuff for our final permit getting and got officially inspected by the electric company.  As soon as the permit arrives we can get some juice, turn on the fridges, get our health inspection, make some orders and start cooking.  I'm not even gonna put a date on it yet...

Haiku #3

"This is the room where

the magic happens" Say the

dudes on Cribs....and me.

Haiku #2

A couple smooching

By the kitchen and men's room

under some driftwood

Haiku #1

The midget wrestler

Will hold up my specials board

and body slam dudes

Outside Peanut Butter

So I downloaded the squarespace app for the phone two weeks ago and have been happily uploading posts every couple of days.  Obviously that didn't work.  Today I checked the site and found it unupdated which is odd considering on the phone all the updates are shown as having been uploaded.  So much for convenience.. Anyhoo, We have been pretty busy the last couple weeks painting the outside (almost done) and tiling (ditto).  The equipment hopefully will be here next friday.  Then the fun work starts.

Front Door-rific!

Just put in the front door and in true Culebra fashion an hour long job ended up taking six hours to actually complete. 


It feels great to finally be slapping some paint on the walls.  It feels like we are almost done....then I look around and see all the other stuff that needs to be done in the next month and have a mild panic attack.  Good times.


After a 4 hour wait for the cargo ferry to be fixed and a couple near meltdowns we bought our paint and tile, plus some fixtures and licensing stuff.  All in all a pretty successful trip.

Deck is done (and huge)

We pretty much finished the main deck this week and plastered the arches inside.  Now that the holiday season is over and (hopefully) ferry service is more or less back to normal, Monika, Olivia and I are venturing to the big island this week to purchase paints and tiles and fans and lights and such.  Loaded more pics into the demolition/construction area of the photos section.

Happy New Years!

Monika and Olivia are enjoying the new steps on New Years Eve.  Evrything buildingwise is coming along smoothly.  I'm still waiting for my official new business registration number from hacienda, hopefully this week it will be delivered, regardless, I'm going to be making more than a few visits to Caguas & San Juan in the upcoming months for licensing and equipment.  Hopefully that will go as smoothly as the construction, but I'm not going to bank on it.  March 3rd here we come...